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Question 1

“What does the title mean ?”

The word Mobility was picked because it links quite a few themes in the show. One of which has to do with how the position of an object changes the way we think about it

Galleries have the ability to change or exaggerate the meaning of objects, Wether that object is a painting or a plastic eyeball! It’s interesting to me how an object can remain physically the same but mean something entirely different just because it’s next to something new.


Question 2

Anna Asks:

“Has knowing the work will be displayed in a shopping center changed the way you approached

making it?”

The accessibility of art is something I think about a lot. The great thing about Picnic gallery is that people will stumble across it who don’t necessarily get the chance to look at contemporary art often.

I tend to make things that are colourful (and in some ways a bit silly), but knowing there will be lots of kids walking by the gallery; colour is probably something Ive made more prominent in this show.

2019-07-10 14.35.08.jpg

Question 3

What does the time on the clock mean?

Its just telling the time :-)